Everything you need to know about glasses frames for women

Did you know that your eyeglass casing reveals your personality? Glasses frames for women can help make a fashion statement and they can be an ideal part of your personal fashion approach. The framework can also showcase your financial status, your career and personal habits. This is why the appealing features of your glasses are very important. The material, shape, color and decoration of the framework contribute to the aesthetic features of the glasses.

Shape of the Framework

Eyeglass frames for women are available in a wide range of thickness and shape. Frameworks with cat-eyed and thick shaped reflect peculiarity of the user while the thin frame shows a business type character, savvy and smart. On the other hand, the oval casing reflects a serene persona and romantic. Normally, the shape of the frame reflects your personality.

Decoration and Color

Most expensive eyeglasses are embedded with valuable gems to add glamour and amplify your personality. Decorations are incorporated on the casing to make your personality more visible. A casing can be integrated with glitter, gems or design. This will change a boring and dry style to glamorous one.

Normally, decorations are only popular in women. The color is also vital as it will express your personality. Colors such as black and red are usually the most powerful ones and reflect a very strong persona. They may show flamboyance, dominance, natural, strict or reserved character.

Material Used for the Frame

Actually, this is a very important factor for most people. The material can be metal or plastic. Typically, plastic framework portrays budget conscious personality. Plastic frames usually make up cheap reading glasses. This type of frame is popular to younger generation as they offer cheeky feeling to a person’s appearance. To appear highly professional and sleek, the metal casing is highly suggested. But, metal ones can be quite expensive.

There are some basic points that are useful while selecting glasses frame colors. You can either warm or cool coloring. All women look best in their own color and eyewear color should complement personal coloring. The first thing to do before choosing eyeglass frames is to determine personal color base. There are different parts of the human body that should be considered.

The first one is skin tone, which is the major element in knowing personal coloring. The secondary element that determines personal coloring is the eye color. In general, yellow eyes are considered as warm coloring and blue eyes fall into the cool coloring.

It’s still important to assess personal color. Cool colors include blue-back, white and platinum, while warm ones contain flat black, golden blond and much more. All of these aspects should be considered while choosing glasses frames for women.

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