What Are The Main Types Of Eye Frames

Just as every day welcomes different types of eye frames for glasses, choosing a perfect blend or match for your face may prove difficult in contrast to the fun-filled and analytical experience it was meant to be! Sometimes, you ask yourself ‘why do some eyeglasses look attractive on exhibition but looks awkward the moment you try them on?’ The main reason why a situation like this occurs is as a result of the wrong choice of frame. In other words, you should NEVER underestimate the role played by eye frames during the selection of eyeglasses because the aesthetic value of the wear depends on it!

Knowing Your Face Shape

I think the next thing to consider is how to know the shape of your face. Of course, we all can’t be endowed with the same face and understanding this fact is crucial to the subject matter. There are different shapes when it comes to faces. I have an oval-shaped face leaving out other shapes like heart, triangular, oblong, square, rectangular, to name a few. The best and often times, mostly recommended a way to determine the shape of your face is to take a direct look in the mirror with hair totally pulled backward, away from your face. Once this is done, you can easily determine the frame that best fits you. However, I will be briefly discussing the general types of frames we have, where they are the best suites and so on.

Full-Rimmed Frames

If you are looking forward to showcasing a bold appearance, full-rimmed frames are your best options. Ranging from the acetate type to the titanium models, these frames are designed to enclose your lens thereby providing you a firm and stylish look. Whenever you are opting for a full-rimmed frame, it is advisable to note color blends too (more on that in subsequent articles).

Rimless Frames

In complete contrast to full-rimmed frames, rimless frames are well placed for people in search of light note appearance. They are designed to provide lots of styles without covering the entire face. Its major elements include temple arms, nose bridge, and hinges which makes its ability to impact a minimal look outstanding! Like full-rimmed frames, they also come in various metals and plastics.

Semi-Rimmed Frames

The word ‘semi’ hints at the fact that these frames are neither fully rimmed or rimless. In other words, it integrates a fine line between marked and low profile appearance. They are often referred to as ‘classics’ and the only way you can know why is by purchasing one.

Bottom Line

When it comes to frames, different rims types are suitable for different purposes and events. Although, personal taste matters, understanding the impression you want to create supersedes all! I’m sure by now you know what you need to get the suitable frames not just for your face but also for your aim. Article about Colour blend coming up next. Stay tuned!

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